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“The Bitch Movie” and “The Awakening”
December 22, 2017

Multiple songs from Kevin Delaney’s instrumental album “The Awakening” have been licensed by independent film director Damian Kolodiy for inclusion as underscore in the upcoming documentary “The Bitch Movie” which is slated to make the rounds on the international Independent film festival circuit beginning in 2018. “The Bitch Movie” is a documentary film that takes a retrospective look at the “Bitch: A Ladies Tribute To Metal” monthly party which ran at Don Hills Club in New York City’s west village from 2001-2005. The Bitch night featured a house band playing iconic rock and heavy metal cover songs with each new song performed by a different female singer. The film explores the origins, philosophy, sociology and technical execution of the event, painting a portrait of the scene around Don Hills Club in downtown New York in the early 2000s.  “The Bitch Movie” is both a tribute to pioneering women who smash traditional stereotypes and Rock ‘n Roll enthusiasts the world over. View the trailer for “The Bitch Movie” here:   Continue reading…